What Is a Wife?

A wife is someone more special than words.
She's love mixed with friendship, and marriage
bonded with hope, thanks, and joy. A wife is
beauty and lasting togetherness, and there
is no one more precious in the world.
A wife is one who inspires some of the most
special moments two people have ever shared.
A wife is a treasured perspective on the past,
a reassuring part of the present, and a million
wishes for all the days that lie ahead.

A wife is a reminder of the blessings that come
from closeness. Sharing everything. Disclosing
dreams. Learning about life together. She's a
hand within your hand. She's so often the only
one who understands. A wife is understanding
and trust enfolded with love. She is a helper and
a guide, and she is a feeling, deep inside, that
makes you realize, each and every day of your life

... that there is no one who could ever be loved
in the way a husband... loves his wife.
-Poem by C. Martin

With Love From Your Husband


Shalene said...

I love you!!!! Thank you, babe!!

Epiphany said...

That is beautiful. :)