I Got Tagged

Sue over at, http://myroadasitravelit.blogspot.com/, tagged me on "What are my passions". So here goes;
2.Healthy marriage
3.My kids
4.Motorcycles....even though mine bit me Sunday and my wife wants me to sell it
5.Hunting....Work has kept me from doing that for the last 3 years but not this year
7.Laying on the couch and watching golf until I fall asleep, with no kids around.
8.Staying in nice hotels.
9.Doing woodwork.
10.Doing nothing at times.
11.My cats, Killer and Molly.


Epiphany said...

LOL at your cat called Killer!! Nice to see another guy who loves cats, I was lucky enough to marry one.

Hope the bike didn't bite too hard.

Bobby said...

It took a pretty good size bite. Got my wrist and butt mostly. Good excuse to repaint though.

Anonymous said...

Hello and Good day! I happen to pass by your blog while searching for a picture of Jesus in Google. Indeed its good to be a Christian. Am a family man too... a husband and a father of 3 kids. If you have time, you may kindly visit my blog:
May God smile on us always...

Eddie Eddings said...

You have got a great family! Treasure those moments. I have four children as well, all grown up and married. Two daughters live in Colorado and the youngest daughter lives in Kuwait. My son lives closer to me here in the Dallas area. I miss 'em. Keep blogging and exalting Christ brother!