Sin In A Leader

I’ve been really bothered lately about something that I would like to share with the one or two people that actually read this blog.

Not only am I the so called “spiritual leader” in my home, I am also a children’s leader at BSF, 5th and 6th graders, and in children’s ministry at my home church. So, what’s the problem?

I haven’t been feeling like the leader that God desires from me.

Through my last fast He reveled to me that there are areas of sin in my life that are keeping me from receiving the Holy Spirit in its fullest capacity. One cannot be a spiritual leader of any kind without the FULL indwelling of the Holy Spirit and sin will keep that from happening every time. I recognize those areas, some of which I knew of but chose not to stop. I plan on stopping those that I am aware of and I will continually pray that He reveals to me those that I cannot see. The sins that I am aware of is not consistent with what you should see in a person that professes to be a Christian. Continuing to sin the same sin over and over is keeping me from the intimate relationship with God that I desire, that He desires, and is keeping Him from using me to my fullest potential, for His glory.

The personality of the spiritual leader influences others because it is penetrated, saturated and empowered by the Holy Spirit. As the leader gives control of his life to the Spirit, the Spirit’s powers flows through him to others.

Spiritual leadership requires superior power, which can never be generated by the self. There is no such thing as a self-made spiritual leader. A true leader influences others spiritually only because the Spirit works in and through him to a greater degree than those he leads.

Samuel Brengle, a gifted leader who served for many years in the Salvation Army, outlined the road to spiritual authority and leadership:

“It is not won by promotion, but many prayers and tears. It is attained by confession of sin, and much heart-searching and humbling before God; by self-surrender, a courageous sacrifice of every idol, a bold uncomplaining embrace of the cross and by eternally looking unto Jesus crucified. It is not gained by seeking great things for ourselves, but like Paul, by counting those things that are gain to us as a loss for Christ. This is a great price, but it must be paid by the leader whose power is recognized and felt in heaven, on earth and in hell."

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