A Kept Woman, or a Kept Man?

Most probably no one relishes being known as a “kept woman,” or even a “kept man.” In modern vernacular the terminology has its negative connotation and usage; yet this is exactly who you are in Christ, and for which a believer ought to be daily and passionately grateful!

Actively expressing personal gratitude to the One who keeps us, rests in understanding not only what you know and see with your eyes concerning your life, but also in what you do NOT see! Unfortunately, because our eyes are not ably focused on the whole reality of our life and world, gratitude neither shapes nor penetrates our daily thoughts and actions as it should. We take so much for granted, or we are simply oblivious, or we do not believe what He tells us. If our response is any one of these three, our faith is woefully deficient and needs “stirring up.” If in our spiritual journey we are sincerely intent on ascending “toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus,” (Philippians 3:14) the purpose of these Psalms of Ascents, we must learn and live more thoroughly the truth of Psalm 121: the Lord is my keeper!

The real world picture of Job 1, exposing the Accuser for our benefit, is not peculiar to Job’s life. Satan is every believer’s constant accuser. And while Job’s trials are not exactly mirrored in every life, God’s Word does not give you one iota of confidence that Satan is not pursuing these same ends with each one of us; and doing it yesterday and today. Do you really know all that happened in your life today or last week? Or only what you saw with your eyes? Did you see the “stalking lion” by your path? (I Peter 5:8) Did you feel the heat of the “flaming, poison darts” as they just missed your chest? (Ephesians 6:16) Did you hear the Accuser’s lies on the tongue of a “friend?” (Matthew 16:23) Who kept the oncoming car from swerving into your lane; a “head-on” is always a few feet away. Who quelled the cancer germ from getting a foothold in your body? Who shielded your eyes from seeing something that could have led to an act of devastation in your life or marriage? Did you see through the masquerader who, “dressed” as “an angel of light,” almost got away with his subterfuge? (2 Corinthians 11:14) I just feel he, she, they, it, are so nice! There is much we miss of all that transpires in our personal world!

It is not that we do not know the nature of the battlefield (ala Psalm 120), but apart from vigorous faith we do not see or anticipate everything in our path; even with faith we do not always see how the spiritual battle rages. So much is hidden from our eyes, precisely that we might exercise the gift of faith. And mercifully, that we might not be cowed by fear every step of the journey, (when is the next shoe going to drop?), The Keeper of our souls is not silent. He is there, and He is not asleep! Even when we might think He slumbers. But then we do not always know, except when he chooses to make us aware, when He keeps us from evil. We know He has and He is and He will, because He tells us so; and we are still here; and we woke up this morning to another day.

It is a great loss in your life if you do not glory each day in personalizing the comfort of Psalm 121. It helps to substitute “my” for “your” and “me” for “you” throughout all 8 verses. You do not always need to know when He or His servants (angels) “keep” you. You just need to know and acknowledge that He does! It is enough!

by Stephen Leonard

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