Tom the Baptist

Matt. 18:4-5
'Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child
is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes
a little child like this in my name welcomes me.'
Tommy's Mother looked out the window and noticed
him 'playing church' with their cat. He had the cat
sitting quietly and he was preaching to it.
She smiled and went about her work.
A while later she heard loud meowing and hissing
and ran back to the open window to see Tommy
baptizing the cat in a tub of water.
She called out, 'Tommy, stop that! The cat is
afraid of water!'
Tommy looked up at her and said, 'He should have
thought about that before he joined my church.'


Over- comer said...
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Shalene said...

That is HILARIOUS, babe!!! Looks a bit like Killer did when we brought her home. I still think every morning when she drinks from the faucet that I need to take a picture, cause it just tickles me every time.... I love you, and I'm happy to see some funny stuff here again. I love your smile so much...

Mulled Vine said...


Nice to see you smiling again Bobby.

Bobby said...

It happens...not often enough though.

Thanks for stopping by Robert

Sidharth said...

haha, thats so funny! Love it!


Bobby said...

Pets are so loyal. You have love them.

Nice to see you around again Robert.

Sidharth, hope to see more of you.