My First Award

My first award, thanks Sue for the thoughtfulness. I’m glad I can make you laugh.

Like Sue said, over at My Road As I Travel It , there are no rules for me to follow but if I find the time to pass it along I definitely will.

Seems fitting that my only reader gives me an award. Trying to make me feel better? It worked ;)


Mulled Vine said...

No way! Only your first reward??

Well deserved!

Epiphany said...

You know I'm not your only reader. Just your prettiest.


Well I'm probably your most Australian reader! Given that's where I am!

You deserved it, your blog has spoken to me many times.

Bobby said...

Thank you Robert and Sue, that means a lot to me right now.

Blessings to the both of you.

I will get through this...have no doubt.

Bobby said...

Hi Epiphany, You may just be the prettiest reader he has, if I didn't read his blog....LOL (I am his wife, so he has to say I'm the prettiest reader he has. But I won't make him do it.) LOL By the way, No, I'm not upset by you saying that, I'm sure you are very beautiful. Be blessed!

Mulled Vine said...

I'm glad you clarified that "Bobby". :D

I was a bit concerned at Bobby calling himself his prettiest reader...