There are very few parts of my job that I enjoy. This just happens to be one of them. I was contacted by Make-A-Wish to build a train for a little boy named Tyler. I am not going into detail of what his issues are but I can say that he did deserve my company to do this for him.

Every time an employee got to work on Tyler’s train they had a smile on there face and it was fun to see there enthusiasm, not something that I see very often around here.

I think the one that got the most pleasure out of doing this is my office manager, Janessa, she is the one in the photo with Tyler. She got him a conductor’s uniform and the entire family matching shirts and hats.(She even went around begging companies to donate emblems, shirts and hats). She also delivered the train and met the family and was videoed by two news crews that were there for the occasion.

What a blessing to be able to do this for such a deserving young man. Praise God! Enjoy Tyler!!!!!


Epiphany said...

Your trains are gorgeous.

And I wanted to tell you that the photo in your blog header is SO CUTE!!!

Hope you're doing ok.


Bobby said...

I'm doing fine other than being real sick. Yesterday I had a 102.7 fever, but I feel a little better today and back at work.

Those things that she is pretending to hold up are her “noculers”, binoculars. She was looking for birdies in our backyard with me.

Thanks for stopping by Sue.
God bless!!!