Getting Real.

Christianity needs more men of God like Paul Washer, he tells it like it is. He is not diplomatic or politically correct. Too many Christians are compromising their faith and conforming to the world and see nothing wrong with what they are doing. We are not sensitive to sin because we are comparing ourselves to other Christians when we should be comparing ourselves to how the Bible says that we should live. Christianity in America IS in danger if we don’t stop living like the world and start living like the Bible tell us to.

Hell is real and tough love, not diplomacy, is what is going to keep "believers" from going there.

Here is a sermon that really hit home for me.

Like it or not…. it is the truth.

God bless!

Here are the CliffsNotes for the above sermon in a video.
Paul Washer Jam 1


Sicarii said...

Next to the greats like Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, J.C. Ryle, et al, that's a sermon that all Christians should listen to at least once.

Bobby said...

I agree 100% Isaiah.

This sermon has made me look at my walk in a new "light".

Thanks for stopping by and God bless you and your wife.