Another Day At Work.

Some days I really dislike my job.
I guess you have to get out from behind the desk at some point.

I finally got tired of giving other people money for something that I think I can do. So today I learned how to paint. Here is the before.

2 coats of sealer, 3 coats of color and 3 coats of clear later......AND 5 HOURS IN A PAINT BOOTH. I now understand why I paid my painters so much money. And this is only the trailer, the engine is twice this size. What fun.

Here is a CAD drawing of how big this train is going to be. The part that I painted today is just the trailer.

I have a job though....right?


Mulled Vine said...

We have a character over here in the UK called Mr Bean who gets up to some fabulously funny antics. He painted his room by planting a bomb inside a can of paint. Unfortunately he set the timer a tad too short and it exploded while he was in the room leaving a man shaped gap in the pain on the wall! LOL

Epiphany said...

HA HA love Mr Bean. He's well known here in Australia too.

Bobby what is your job?

Bobby said...

Bobby said...
I have been a Bean fan for many years..he is funny. Kind of quiet though.

My family has many businesses in California, started back in 1947. I am the fourth generation to work here. My great grandfather and his two brothers were pattern-makers in the navy on the ships. When out at sea and a part would break they would build that part out of wood, mold it in sand, pour the mold with the specified metal, machine the part to spec and reassemble the part. After they got out they started their own pattern shop. That has been my “main” job, Master Pattern-Maker, for 21 years. We also have two metal distribution centers, a machine shop, an aluminum foundry and a train division. In 2000 they approached me with more responsibility and of course I said yes. Now I am the Safety-Health and Environment Manager, of all the plants, General and Production Manager of our train division and Master Pattern-Maker. The train division is pretty cool , if you like trains, unfortunately I don’t. You can see what I build at “rmirailworks.com”.
Thanks for asking……that was sarcasm

Epiphany said...

What a fascinating history to your job! It seems interesting to me, but doing it everyday for you is probably as mundane as any job I guess.


Kimberly said...

LOL... gives you a whole new appreciation doesn't it?

Bobby said...

There is nothing mundane about this place. I just had a gentleman quit Monday so now I do part of the I.T. for all the companies as well as my other duties. Not a big deal I guess, what’s another 55 cell phones, 12 pdas and 11 laptops to manage. Another day, another thing dumped in my lap.

God bless!