10 Things on Tuesday

Today I'm thankful for.....
1. A forgiving God
2. Jesus' sacrifice
3. Shalene(my wonderful, wonderful wife)
4. Shalene and I studying His word together
5. Mercedes, Mikey, Aniston, Syanne(my kids)
6. Being a Dad
7. My families health
8. My job
9. Being able to give to others
10. My church family

What are you thankful for?

God bless!!


Kristine G said...

Hi,Bobby, I like your list. I always like to write any gratitude I feel about my life. But 10 things on tuesday is a meme I like to play on tuesday that doesn't come from me. You can click the pict or visit http://xboxwife.blogspot.com/ for further explanation.
Happy blogging!

Bobby said...

Thanks for stopping by.

We should stop and think of the blessings that we are given on a daily basis.