Snow Bound Kids

Heading up to the snow in our car, rocking out to some "heavy veggies". Again, quality bites, I used my phone.



Shalene said...

Ok, we've gotta make a recording where I'm not singing off key!!! Sorry everyone, I can sing sometimes, but I have to make the effort. Unfortunately, in this video, I wasn't making much effort. Shame on you, Bobby, for subjecting your poor readers to that!! The kids are cute, though, huh?? Love you!

Bobby said...

I thought that you might like that. "Shame on you",I guess I'm in trouble now. No dessert for me tonight, bummer.

Kimberly said...

No Soup for you...for one year!


Those kids are too cute! Y'all have way too much fun.


Bobby said...

That's ok Kimberly, I don't like soup. I DO like sundaes though. I really, really like sundaes.