Funny Dance

My little ones being cute. It's only 2:41 long.

Not the best quality, it was taken on my phone.



Shalene said...

I have so much fun dancing with those two babies!!! Thanks for putting that up there babe! I think it's great that we can show the world what Joy in the Lord is like, and do it with something as simple as dancing. I don't think it's any accident that they love it when I put on that CD! Just one more way we're instilling a love of God that will be hard to replace with anything worldly. I love you!

Bobby said...

By the way, you ARE the cute one. ;)

Love you more

Kimberly said...

Shalene & Bobby.... I had so much fun just watching y'all. That was so awesome.

Thanks for sharing it with the world. The video quality isn't important so much as the love of God being expressed there.

It left me with a big smile =-D


Bobby said...

Glad you liked it. They make me smile as well, most of the time that is. Ok, some of the time. Alright, once in awhile they do.

Shalene said...

You know they make you laugh out loud numerous times a day. I admit, they also make you want to pull your hair out sometimes, but you gotta love 'em! And I love you!